What Our Members Are Saying

April P.

If you want to change the trajectory of 2023, I highly recommend! Or maybe you just want insight on how to handle relationships better. Or attain goals you are seeking. They can help you. I have worked with all the coaches and I love them all.


Angela G.

This has been a very difficult year for me and my family, and I was fortunate to have the Coaching Collective there for me. In my sessions, I was taught specific strategies to help me reframe my thoughts so I could stay calm whenever I was triggered by an event that had been repeating itself. My physical and mental health improved, as well as my relationships. I will forever be grateful for the Coaching Collective and look forward to doing more work with them.


Katie A.

The coaching collective is truly a lifeline. I am grateful for the effective tools, thoughtful lessons, and personalized guidance these amazing life coaches have given me as a member of the collective.


Heather T.

Thank you especially for all the tools I’ve gathered through the collective. It’s been a game changer for me!!



Today’s was the kind of morning when everyone dropped their problems in my lap. Today was the kind of morning I would usually skip breakfast and figure out what everyone else needed and run out the door. Today was the kind of morning when everyone else’s needs seemed more important than mine. Thank goodness today was also a kind of morning that I had (unknowingly) planned ahead for. Everything went wrong, and I still had my breakfast planned, was able to prioritize what needed to happen in the right order, and had placed my self-care flags so that when the dust settled from everyone else’s things and I got them where they needed to be, I had this plan in place waiting for me. Thank you!


"Truly a lifeline."


"A Game Changer."